Root Explorer Apk, An ultimate file manager app for rooted smartphone users. In a very short period of time, root explorer becomes so popular among Android and iOS users and used by millions of people around the world. Once you start using it, you will find tons of excellent features of this ultimate file manager ever. I will cover the entire feature in this post so read the full post to know more about root explorer pro apk and get the root explorer pro version for free of cost and then you can enjoy root explorer free.

Let me explain some features of root explorer app to make you eager to download this excellent app which can do many magical things on your smartphone with just one tap. So root explorer comes with features like give you access to edit root directories, Access over the system folders, text file editor and much more which you can read below in feature section.

Once you give permission to this app to root your Android or iPhone, you can access each and every folder in your smartphone. Infect, you can access both folder types whether it could be on your external SD card or it could be your smartphone system folder. I would like to inform you one thing before proceeding to explain you more about root explorer apk, this app only compatible with rooted devices.

Why we don’t use the file manager in our smartphone if official maker provides basic file managers, according to me the installed file manager in smartphones are not useful or you can say they are not that much secure to provide the best security to your smartphone files. We all knows that in today’s time there are tons of bad factors are available on the web and our smartphones are always connected with the internet and there are 90% chances that all possible virus catch smartphones first.

So if you want to secure your smartphone files such as your personal photographs and stuff like that I strongly recommend you to use root explorer app to make sure your stuff is safe from bad factors of the web.

Root Explorer Apk – Intro

Root Explorer Apk

And if you want to root your device then it is very easy, and you can check here how to root Android smartphone or how to root iPhone and then proceed with root explorer to enjoy the impressive functions of this app. If you don’t want to root your phone and still you want to use this app, then guys, you can download root explorer apk on your smartphone and install root explorer.apk and use it, but you will not be able to access system files on non-rooted devices.

Root Explorer App

In this post, I am covering all the details about root explorer apk from basic to advance with detailed features where I also added all the screenshots for you, so you can understand in a better way and don’t need to find how to use root explorer. You will also get access to your vast and unused data folders which all are hidden and make your smartphone laggy, and you can also download root explorer for PC as well.

Now let me clarify one thing here, I am trying to explain everything to you whether you are android user or iOS user and if you wanna use root explorer app on PC then you will get every here on this post, I will cover all the features based on device functionality so read Android section if you Android user and if you are using iPhone then switch to iOS section, same like PC section.

Root Explorer for Android

Root Explorer for Android

Root Explorer For Android – If you want to grab root explorer apk for Android smartphone, then let me tell you, buddy this app is work on both platform Android and iOS, and on Android it works perfectly and smoothly, this app is available on android play store is also known as Google Play Store, but it will cost you around $3, and here I shared root explorer pro apk file for free of cost.

With this app, you can explore your memory card via root explorer app, and you can manage your stuff quickly such as you can transfer your whole media stuff from internal memory to external memory with just one tap.

Root Explorer for iOS & iPhone

Root Explorer for iOS & iPhone

Root Explorer For iPhone – iPhone users, are so picky for their apps or you can say for their iPhones, so the file manager who will handle all the files of your iPhone should be classy as much as your iPhone, and my dear friend Root Explorer for iPhone is the ultimate solution for you if you want to manage your iPhone with easy to use file manager.

Apple App Store also has the Pro version of this app with the name of root explorer pro, and it will cost you around $3 bucks. I know you are ready to buy this app from App Store via your iCloud but my friend What if? I am providing you root explorer pro apk free of cost then you think this is fake and all but you are wrong the file I am sharing with you is totally free and real. So just download root explorer pro apk and install it like other apps you install and start using it.

Root Explorer for PC

Root Explorer for PC

As you understand this app is made for smartphones like Android & iOS, but if you want to use this app on your bluestacks Android emulator, then you can use without any issue. You need to follow my detailed guide on Root Explorer for PC, and you will get all the steps to follow the process to use root explorer on your Windows PC or Mac.

What are advantages of using Root Explorer on PC? It has plenty of benefits such as you can enjoy Android platform on the big screen, and you can manage all your games, apps and other stuff with root explorer apk which can be run efficiently on Bluestacks Android Emulator.

Check out Detailed ReviewRoot Explorer PC

Root Explorer Features

So here are the whole features you will get with root explorer apk, just download root explorer app and starts enjoying the ultimate features of this premium file manager. You don’t need to pay a single penny to enjoy these features in your smartphones.

Why do you need to understand the features before using it?

You should understand the power of your app before using it, because once you understand each and every feature, then we all knows that you can enjoy the app thoroughly.

So let’s not waste any time here now I would like to share all the features with you.

  • With this app, all users can explore all the big and ZIP files which are hidden, and you can remove them as well.
  • You can easily arrange big files and send them to your friends with the help of mail or Bluetooth. (All you need to do is hold the file and click on send to your desired location.)
  • You will get all the basic to advanced features of a premium file manager to manage your big and small files.
  • You can make the shortcut of any file of the folder and set it on your smartphone home screen.
  • This app comes with pre-installed music and video player, so you don’t need other entertainment apps now.
  • You can Move, Copy and Paste files from one location to other location in your smartphone with just a few taps.
  • Root Explorer comes with built-in text editor, so you can rename your files or folders without even open them.
  • The app comes with built-in search manager so that you can find your desired file with few words type in the search section.
  • Do you want to hide some confidential files from others? Well, you have this option too.
  • You can open multiple tabs and use them without any issue.
  • Root Explorer also supports Google Drive and Dropbox so you can manage your cloud stuff as well.

So, guys, these are all the features you will get in this app. Though, I would like to inform you that all features are available only for rooted devices.

Download Root Explorer & Install Easily

So, now you guys are aware of the features of root explorer, now you want to download the premium root explorer apk for free right? But before that, I would like to tell you that here I am sharing the detailed procedure for you to download root explorer apk and install it on Android or PC with the help of emulator as I shared with you above.

Now let’s not waste any time and start the step by step procedure to download and install root explorer apk file and you will start using it and enjoying it.

#Step 1.

Allow third party apps to install Fly GPS on your smartphone. Follow below instruction to allow third party apps.

  • Go to Settings on your phone and switch to the “General” tab, if needed.
  • Tap on the “Security” option.
  • Tick the checkbox next to the “Unknown Sources” option.
  • Confirm the warning message by tapping on “OK.”

#Step 2.

  • Download Root Explorer Apk file with below button.

#Step 3.

Now Click on the downloaded file in Notification Bar, or in your downloads section. Now click on Install Button and follow the process.

Root Explorer Apk Installation

#Step 4.

Now you can find the Root Explorer App icon in your app tray, and you can now use it and enjoy it.

Root Explorer Apk


So this is the whole process and guides to download root explorer apk and install it in your any device and use it for free, as this is a paid app, but now you can enjoy it for free and use the premium file manager and multi more feature with the help of root explorer apk.

Now if you have any doubt, feedback or query then you can post your precious words in the comment section below, and I will try to reach you as soon as possible with the proper solution for your query. If you like this contribution then my reward will be sharing from your side, just share this site with your friends, and this site is solely designed for root explorer, so I need your support to reach all smartphone users.

Sharing is Caring buddy 🙂

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